Bay Area Nutrition provides nutrition professionals who have extensive knowledge and experience working with individuals and groups of all ages and backgrounds. In addition to providing individual nutrition counseling, we are also available for presentations, workshops, health fairs and “Ask the Dietitian” booths.

Below is a sampling of some the classes we offer. Those that are asterisked have been more popular recently. Most classes meet for about 1 hour. We would be happy to create and alter presentations based on your need.

Introductory Classes

General Nutrition

Label Reading

Healthful Shopping

Nutrition Throughout the Years

Healthful Cooking

Dining Out

**Nutrition and Fad Diets

Advanced Classes

Quick & Easy Meal Planning

**Nutrition for Sport

Nutrition for an Active Lifestyle

**Vitamins, Minerals & Supplementation

**Increasing Your Energy Through Nutrition

**Kids and Nutrition: What�s a Parent to Do?

**Herbs & Dietary Supplements: What�s OK?

Meatless Meals

Cholesterol Update

Diabetes Update

**Eating for Optimal Health

**Nutrition in the Fast Lane

Nutrition and Pregnancy

Series Classes

Nutrition And Healthy Living
Ideally this is a 6 week series, however, we can tailor it to 4 weeks by leaving some topics out. Following is a description of the course.

This fun and interactive six week class will arm you with the basics for a healthful diet and provide you with practical techniques you can live with. Whether your interest is weight management, ensuring a balanced diet, or you just want the tools to make your goals come together this class is for you. Topics include: basic nutrition (protein, carbs, fat, alcohol, vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals), developing & maintaining reasonable goals, label reading, quick cooking ideas, meal planning, shopping, snack options, eating out, traveling and activity options.

Intuitive Eating
(Approximately 10 weeks) This course is based on a book by the same title. The focus is living without dieting, i.e. say good-bye to dieting forever!  The goal is for participants to make peace with food and honor healthful eating by throwing the guilt but not the food out. Body image issues are also discussed. This topic is very popular as many men & women are becoming tired of all the ‘food rules’. This series breaks down misconceptions, guilt, etc. associated with a diet mentality. The ultimate goal of this series is to learn to eat healthfully and honor your body’s cues so your body can find its natural weight.

Nutrition for Diabetics
(Approximately 4 weeks) This includes the latest information and practical advice on how to manage diabetes. We discuss carbohydrate counting, meal planning, blood glucose self-testing, and exercise. At some sites, the company�s insurance company has picked up the expenses for this course.